[plug] Streaming Video through Website

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 10:56:37 WST 2010

Hey everyone.
In a few months time we have the task of streaming the video of a
wedding to multiple computers around the world.
I know I can use webcam-server (in Ubuntu) to stream video locally,
and I know I can use VLC to stream videos locally. What I'd like to do
is have the video streamed to a server on the internet, and from there
stream it to the multiple clients. The internet uplink wouldn't be
able to stream to multiple clients directly, hence the need to stream
to a server and from there stream to the world.
Does anyone know how I'd go about doing this? (Using a Linux server,
it can be a linux or windows machine with the webcam/camera.)


Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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