[plug] : PLUG Logo ideas

Alex Polglaze apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au
Mon Sep 13 17:30:35 WST 2010

> Just throwing it out there. While a new website is being created, do
> we wish to have a new logo? Maybe the Swan and Tux updated into
> something newer? (Or like SLUG, have a swan who is also tux!). Maybe
> we want a "PLUG" image instead? Like a power plug being plugged into a
> penguin?
> Anyway, for all those artists, create and lets see what we can get!
> Otherwise, we'll continue using the current logo.
Great change the logo every time you change the web site. Why not change 
the name as well?

The whole point of a logo is recognition.

That is why businesses keep them for so long, think of the Pure New Wool 
as an example.

Certainly doesn't get my vote.


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