[plug] Tiled window managers

Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Thu Sep 16 11:21:16 WST 2010

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010, Brad Campbell wrote:

> After getting incredibly frustrated at having 2 1920x1200 monitors on my 
> desk, and metacity refusing to allow me to use them as 2 separate work 
> spaces, I was pushed to try xmonad.
> It's a bit of a shift in thinking to let the window manager do its thing, and 
> drive it entirely with the keyboard. I've got an A3 cheat sheet of keystrokes 
> on the wall in front of me just in case, but after 2 hours of actually using 
> it I find I don't need it much.
> For example, when I hit "write" in thunderbird to compose this, the message 
> composition window got "master window" spot, pushing thunderbird off out the 
> way to let me do what I need to do. Meanwhile my rdesktop connection into a 
> windows machine sits on the next monitor in its full screen glory, waiting 
> for me to roll my mouse across to it. When I switch workspaces on Monitor 1, 
> the content of monitor 2 stays put.
> Does anyone else use window managers that manage the windows for you, rather 
> than you trying to figure out the best place to put them?
> This is entirely new to me, but it's very, very quickly becoming a far more 
> natural way to work.
> Brad

I have no idea as to whether it is what you want, but, in using gnome, 
in the right hand end of my taskbar, I have four workspace things, and, 
from time to time, what I am in, inadvertently ends up in a different 
workspace (it can take me a while to figure out what is going on as it 
appears that everything has crashed, and then, after a while, I notice 
that one of the other workspace things is occupied, so I click on that, 
and I am back where I was (in a new parallel dimension/universe) ).

In using the four workspaces, I expect that you would be able to do 
with only one of your monitors.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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