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Greg Wogan-Browne greg at daa.com.au
Wed Apr 20 16:38:06 WST 2011

Hi all,

My employer is seeking a knowledgeable Linux person to fill a
sysadmin/helpdesk role. I've included the text of the job ad below, and
I recommend interested parties to contact hr at daa.com.au.

System Administrator
Data Analysis Australia, a professional statistical and mathematical
consultancy firm based in Nedlands, consisting of 15-20 staff, is
seeking an experienced System Administrator to join its IT team. The
System Administrator will be responsible for the maintenance of a
network of Linux servers and Windows workstations.

The successful candidate will be a graduate and/or with a few years of
experience. A commitment of at least 25 hours per week is required, full
time a possibility. Salary will be dependant on experience. The position
will be Casual or Permanent, and will be negotiated prior to commencement.

Roles and Responsibilities
The System Administrator role is expected to work in tandem with and
under the guidance of the System Manager & Senior Team.
The System Administrator will have responsibility for:
 * Monitoring and maintaining DAA’s internal network, servers,
   workstations, UPSs and related infrastructure;
 * Upgrading existing and rolling out new software (esp. operating
   system update and R w/packages);
 * Monitoring, maintaining and testing of data backup procedures;
 * Monitoring and troubleshooting DAA’s VOIP telephone system;
 * Implementing and maintaining failover responses for systems
   identified by the System Manager & Senior Team; and
 * Documenting issues and resolutions (i.e. using Bugzilla).

In addition, the System Administrator will be expected to be proactive
in suggesting improvements and changes to the network, consulting with
the System Manager & Senior Team and preparing business cases (including
costings, timing and impact) as appropriate for the Managing Director.

The System Administrator will be expected to be available after-hours
for ad-hoc troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance.

The System Administrator will work with the System Manager to:
 * Develop, improve and document IT procedures;
 * Provide technical support to Consultants as required; and
 * Prepare training materials and run training sessions.

The System Administrator will be expected to provide advice and work on
projects with Consultants as required.

Required Skills

Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Strong experience with:
• Administering Linux systems, ideally Debian or Ubuntu distributions;
• Interfacing between Windows and Linux environments (via samba, etc).

Moderate experience with:
• Administering Windows systems (XP through 7);
• Internet technologies (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP & Email); and
• Administering relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL or others.

Experience with configuring and using Asterisk PBX is highly desirable.

Additional beneficial developer skills include:
• Frontend web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS);
• SQL and relational database experience; and
• Development using Python and a web framework such as Django.

How to apply

Applicants should send a cover letter including relevant experience and
qualifications to hr at daa.com.au.

This position is available for an immediate start.

Greg Wogan-Browne | Consultant Software Engineer
97 Broadway, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6009
T: +61 8 9386 3304 | F: +61 8 9386 3202 | I: http://www.daa.com.au

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