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Wed Aug 3 10:08:56 WST 2011

Hi everyone,
Do any of you manage, or at least work nearby a server room which
doesn't use equipment racks?

I'm considering rearranging our server room, and have come to a
crossroads. Amongst other decisions, I need to choose whether to
continue with our simple shelving approach, or start using equipment
racks. I have experience with the latter, but effectively none with
the former, so I'm hoping someone out there can offer me a grand tour.

Do any of you who've got one within 20km of Perth CBD, reckon you
could give me a peek at your rackless - or only partially racked -
server room? I'm not looking for the perfect example of such a setup,
just another perspective, because ours has grown and evolved to a
pretty poor state!


Gregory Orange

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