[plug] phone synchronisation

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Tue Jan 18 11:51:38 WST 2011

On 18/01/11 09:52, home at oranges.id.au wrote:
> Yesterday I took delivery of an HTC Desire, $0 on a $45/m 24m Telstra
> business plan - so effective cost when foregoing the $12.50/m credit
> is $300! 600MB included data is a bonus too. So far I'm pleased:
> Google Tasks, Calendar, Mail all seem to work nicely. To my delight, I
> have noticed that sending email does _not_ result in a "sent from my
> self-advertising device" signature.
> Thank you everyone for advice (feel free to give more). I'll work with
> it and eventually succumb to the temptation to download games (:
> Cheers,
> Greg.

For the record, the final word from Samsung about all the issues I'm 
having is backup everything and factory reset, no patches/updates available.

I wanna keep my MMS/SMS but Kies software doesn't allow for MMS/SMS 
backups, and, funnily enough, it crashes a few seconds after initiating 
Media Backups :S So the phone crashes randomly, I guess at least Kies 
crash is predictable... :S

Virgin support was fairly fast but did not really give me any useful 
answers, Samsung support was the same. Factory reset, kthxbai...

So, looks like I shoulda got an HTC or Nexus X. Might go Nexus X, 
feedback says it has vendor oriented updates and does not rely on third 
party updates like the Galaxy S does.

Enjoy your HTC Desire's :P

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