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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 19:51, Kai <vk6ksj at westnet.com.au> wrote:


> For the record, the final word from Samsung about all the issues I'm having
> is backup everything and factory reset, no patches/updates available.
> I wanna keep my MMS/SMS but Kies software doesn't allow for MMS/SMS backups,
> and, funnily enough, it crashes a few seconds after initiating Media Backups
> :S So the phone crashes randomly, I guess at least Kies crash is
> predictable... :S

So.  None of this is tested on *your* phone, but the way I would tackle this is:

Install "Call Log Backup and Restore" and either "SMS Backup+" or "SMS
Backup and Restore", which can dump the appropriate databases
somewhere useful for you.  (I like SMS Backup+ better, because it
pushes the SMS content up to GMail; the other pushes it to an XML file
on your SD card.  I know SMS Backup+ now does MMS, no idea 'bout the

If you have root, install "Titanium Backup" or "Backup for root
users"; if not, either root the phone, or give up on preserving data
in any other application that you want.  Sorry.

Then, do the factory wipe and reinstall everything.  See if that helps
out, and know that you can restore those things later.  (Ideally, you
also want a nandroid backup of the current state, but that requires a
custom recovery, and I have *no* idea if you can get that easily on
the phone, and it will void warranty.)

> Virgin support was fairly fast but did not really give me any useful
> answers, Samsung support was the same. Factory reset, kthxbai...

Yah.  Personally, I would then follow all that up by installing
CyanogenMOD 6.1.0 or so, since that is "stable" for the phone, and
they actually give better support that your experience with the
vendor, but YMMV.  (You can usually store enough away to restore to
the stock ROM if you want warranty support and think the vendor will
be pishy about it.)

> So, looks like I shoulda got an HTC or Nexus X. Might go Nexus X, feedback
> says it has vendor oriented updates and does not rely on third party updates
> like the Galaxy S does.

Well, if you hit problems you would mostly find the same wall: this is
a "phone" thing, not so much an Android or model specific thing, but
yeah: it won't *hurt* to get Samsung out of the loop.


Seriously, I dislike the phone *so* much less with CyanogenMOD
installed.  So many of the nasty vendor problems just go away.
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