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> Subject: [plug] Ubuntu Unity
> Hey all,
> I've decided to take the plunge and try Unity for at least a fortnight
> full time to see if I can actually function.
> Two immediate annoyances.
> 1) Alt-F2 (10+ years of motor memory for console/workspace 2) switches
> workspace, but also kicks up a modal 'Run' dialogue that i can't seem
> to find how to disable.
> 2) No perma-visible toolbar. I really want my cpu/network/disk/mem
> usage graph always in view. Also geyes
> x) Clicking an application in the left bar doesn't launch the
> application again (ie. multiple terminals) - Solved - middle mouse
> button behaves as i want
> I did a search on the list and didn't find any discussion yet so...
> What tips. tricks and frustrations do you have with Unity/Gnome shell?
> Carl G

KDE = yummy goodness these days. People were put off after the immature 4.0x releases - and they're still living down that one - but the later releases have been ridiculously competent. Each time I give GNOME a go, it usually ends in frustration (I'd rather use something either properly minimalist or properly maximalist, if that's a word). Unity. Yes, been meaning to try it. What surprises me is that I thought most people would say, "...screw it, I'll use Kubuntu", but I guess it shows how much GNOME users don't like KDE, and vice versa. Weird.
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