[plug] Unable to install Debian 6.0.1 amd64 - no supporting mirrors

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 17:16:11 WST 2011

> Oh, as an aside, I note that, when I posted the original message in
> the thread, I got a "Your message is awaiting moderation" response. I
> do not know whether this is an effect of the differentiation that was
> mentioned ion the past, to be implemented between financial members of
> PLUG and the rest of the world; that all people who are not listed as
> financial members of PLUG, are automatically on moderated status.

Nothing of the sort. There are a few reasons for this message to come
up. One is that you are posting for a different address than your
subscribed one. That is the most common cause. If you've attached a
large file, or somehow caused "implicit destination" then you'll aso
get those messages.

The only difference that was being discussed between financial members
and the rest of the world was that financial members would get a nice
footer on the bottom with a message about them supporting plug and for
how long. So far nothing has been implemented.

On a side note, it could have been that I was messing with mailman and
archives that was causing problems. While that was happening I
couldn't even login to the mailman admin interface until the >10 years
of archives imported.


Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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