[plug] IPv6 In Australia!

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 21:21:18 WST 2011

> Amcom and a few of the larger transit providers have been providing
> IPv6 with their corporate internet services for quite a while now,
> which is cool. We've got it set up at work (in our DMZ, anyway), and
> if I can be permitted a small plug:
> www.dec.wa.gov.au.      79205   IN      AAAA    2405:6a00:10::10
> :) It's been running for about a week now. I keep meaning to set up an
> IP alias to 2405:6a00:10::dec:dec:dec:dec but I can't find the time...

+1 for Amcom's IPv6 service. I enabled the whole of our office network
just last week (in time for World IPv6 day). The transition was pretty
much painless and completely transparent to the users on the network.
Most of our development work is now done over IPv6 (on the local
network) which shows up fun issues with web applications that expect
IPv4 addresses.

It's a different way of thinking with every desktop machine having a
fully internet routable address... with the appropriate firewalls on
the router, of course. And also getting used the fact that you
allocate an entire /64 for a network segment... blows the mind a bit!

Daniel Foote.

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