[plug] Video available: IBM talk from this week

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Thu Jun 16 18:24:48 WST 2011

Hello all,

The video recording from this week's talk at IBM by Indulis Bernsteins
is now available for your viewing pleasure from
*http://www.plug.org.au/video/2011/*. Its a 685MB video lasting 1 hour
40 minutes, and is in the Google "webm" format (VP8 video with vorbis
audio) at full */SD/* resolution (720x576 at 25fps). This is the first time
we've encoded to this format, and we're continuing to tweak the
parameters for the encoding, so there is a chance that the video file
will be updated in a few days time.

Thanks again to IBM for hosting us, to Indulis for giving this talk, to
Tim Bowden for playing director and switching the vision, and Hugo &
Alastair who did cam op work this time around.

We're desperate for more bodies to get involved with the AV project. See
http://www.plug.org.au/projects/video/ and jump on the AV mailing list
at http://lists.plug.org.au/mailman/listinfo/av. No experience is
necessary. Our AV effort is currently based around DVswitch (which is
very good). We're about to spec out the mics we're after to scale up to
multiple presenters and capturing the audience questions from the room -
so if you're into your audio, we'd love it if you helped out. AV crew
meets up once in a while to get the kit together and try stuff out. If
there are other events you'd like to live stream and/or record, then
bring it up on the AV list. Any PLUG member can borrow the kit and use
it (on a you-break-it, you-replace-it-immediately basis ;) ).

We'd love feedback on the video as well (note that we're doing ZERO post
production other than encoding).

/Mobile:/ +61 422 166 708, /Email:/ james_AT_rcpt.to
PLUG President 2011: http//www.plug.org.au
Perth.pm Organiser 2011: http://perth.pm.org
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