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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue May 17 09:30:27 WST 2011

On 17/05/2011 9:07 AM, Leon Wright wrote:
> $20 is a pretty small fee over 12 months and depending on your line of
> work, it may actually be tax deductible (check with an accountant).
If your account says its /not /tax deductible, and if there is work that
PLUG needs to do to make it so, *then let us know* and we'll try to do it!

> Just out of curiosity, how is membership tracked now?
A database, and a bunch of scripts. Some of which should automatically
email you receipts, and expiry notifications when they run.

> Is the annual fee due at the same time for everyone?
No, it's done on your individual anniversary of joining (to the
millisecond, using Postgres's accuracy on datetime/timestamp fields ;) ).

> Is there a portal to check our membership status, date due etc?
I wrote one last night, and we're just playing with the concept. Since
we're required (*by law*) to hold your postal address, we're thinking of
having a web form that emails you the details we hold (so you can
confirm, and contact us to update them if needed).  The current
implementation I knocked up last night just shows on screen the expiry date.

> Paypal is convenient, but it also charges the account getting "Paid" a
> fee. It's not much, but will add up.
It's a combination of a per-transaction fee, and a percentage (thanks
Jason N for the info). And that's probably going to increase as time
marches on.


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