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On 18/05/2011 12:32 PM, W.Kenworthy wrote:
> <shameless promo>
> If you need a server in au, why not join PLUG and get a shell account?
> </shameless promo>
Shameless is slowly coming back to life; however, its dying Ethernet
card is an ongoing issue (drops out every few minutes for a few
seconds). Having said that, using vast amounts of data from a PLUG
machine may incur upset/billing from generous supporters who graciously
host this equipment and pay the bandwidth...

> Not sure how Bali's network infrastructure is as its been too many years
> since I was there, but it wasnt good back then.
I recall a talk given by the guy in charge of Level 3's
inter-continental fibre laying about 10 years ago at WAIX (Nick was
there, possibly others). He mentioned the politics involved in putting
fibre runs between countries, and runs that transit past countries. In
particular Level 3 were trying to do a single run from Australia to
somewhere in SE Asia, but the politics of Indonesia forced them to land
the cable in Indonesia in at least one location (possibly several) in
order for the cable to be put through Indonesian waters. Each location
the cable comes ashore it goes to a facility they were calling a "Head
end" (which for nautical people around will know that's a toilet, but in
this sense, its a multi-million dollar facility with power generators,
and fibre kit, etc). So Level 3 was "influenced" to put these Head Ends
into Indonesia, and thus the country got wonderful connectivity, without
having to pay a cent for it.

So it is possible that much of Indonesia may have good connectivity.

We should get people like that back for more talks... anyone got any


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