[plug] ubuntu install on netbook fails to create file system

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 15:41:43 WST 2012

On 05/01/12 06:20, Onno Benschop wrote:
> I'll preface my response with: "I'm guessing..."

Thanks for your 'guess' :-)

> Your upgrade/installation of 11.10 should be completely independent of
> the /home partition, which is precisely why people opt to make it a
> separate partition in the first place.

Which is precisely what I always do, to change distros or fresh install 
without losing /home

> I am unsure why you're restructuring the partition table, in my
> experience this is a pretty good way to loose all your data unless you
> know precisely what you're doing and why.

I give a good illusion of knowing what I'm doing :-) I was trying a 
restructure after many failed install attempts simply to eliminate one 
possible cause of fault that _may_ be caused by the existing /home being 
encrypted. I knew what I was doing but clutching at straws by that stage :-(

> I'd be silly to assume that
> you have a full backup of your /home partition, but who knows, perhaps
> I'm lucky today - if you do have such a backup - good for you! Install
> or upgrade to 11.10, then create a /home partition, then restore from
> backup.

Irrelevant, given the previous install was still fresh ;-)

> As I said, I'm guessing. You might have additional information that
> changes my comments slightly, or completely; I cannot tell from my side
> of the keyboard.
> Good Luck, sounds like you might need it :|

Thanks! But, what I needed most was persistence. It seems my prob may 
reveal an obscure bug(?) with ubuntu 11.10 because I gave up on it and 
tried mint (an ubuntu derivative, I know) and the install proceeded just 


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