[plug] NBN Talk: Thank You

Euan de Kock euan at dekock.net
Wed Mar 14 10:17:17 WST 2012

Good work Jason.

What command did you use to stitch it all together. Might be an idea to change the menu option to stitch it up too.



On 14/03/2012 9:33 Jason Nicholls wrote:

The video of the session should be available in the next few days - thanks to all who helped set up, record, and pack up the video kit.

And the video is up now!

http://www.plug.org.au/video/2012/2012-03-13-NBN-Panel.mp4 (192MB, length: 1hr 56mins)

Thanks to the AV crew for pulling this together especially with the issues we had during the night. There are a couple hiccups in the first few minute with the video freezing, although audio is fine. We also had to stop recording for 4 or 5 minutes after Chris finished his talk so we could restart some equipment, but other than that it's all good :)

Jason Nicholls

jason at mindsocket.com.au
0430 314 857

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