[plug] linux on an android tablets - questions please

Daniel cottmain at iinet.net.au
Mon May 28 22:00:15 WST 2012

I'm interested in the concept of Debian or Ubuntu on an android tablet [eg 
Kogan $200 special]  with things like easy remote support and some familiar 

I've found some articles:


[Above directed at A10 chips].

I also read "Linux kernel 3.3 released with merged Android code"

I don't understand the impact:
Would these two mean the full linux experience and thus allow things like easy 
remote access? 
eg friend using Win7 could remote to their mother looking at Android tablet 
using something they might find easy like Teamviewer and start a movie 

Is it somethng that can be achieved for all chips that run Android or just 
those that seem to have supportive developers like  the one in this link?

What about things like the touch interface on a tablet?  [would it be 
interfered with?]

The X-windows Android equivalent?

thank you


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