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The linux.conf.au 2014 team are excited to announce our first keynote
speaker - Jonathan Oxer. Jon has agreed to come and present a keynote
discussing ArduSat.

Jon has been hacking on both hardware and software since he was a little
tacker. Most recently he's been focusing more on the Open Hardware side,
co-founding Freetronics as a direct result of organising the first Arduino
Miniconf at LCA2010. His books include "Ubuntu Hacks" and "Practical

Jon has been variously referred to as Australia's geekiest man and as a
cyborg-in-progress. As part of his “SuperHouse” home automation series, Jon
has taken keyless entry to an all new level by embedding an RFID tag into
his arm using a vet's chipping tool.

Recently he has been working on ArduSat, a satellite that aims to give
hobbyists, students and space enthusiasts an opportunity to design and run
their own experiments in space. By choosing a standardised platform based
on the hugely popular Arduino hardware design, ArduSat allows anyone to
develop and prototype experiments at home using readily accessible parts
and all based on a simple open source software environment.

Jon will be presenting an overview of the latest developments to the
ArduSat project as part of his keynote presentation during
linux.conf.au2014 in Perth, Western Australia.

linux.conf.au is an annual open source conference organised by Linux
Australia. In 2014 the conference will be held in Perth, Western Australia
from the 6th January to the 10th.



Kind Regards
Luke Woollard

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