[plug] the "iview problem"

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Sun Feb 23 03:16:01 UTC 2014

On 23/02/14 10:20, Gavin Chester wrote:
> On 23/02/14 09:36, Steve Boak wrote:
>> On 22/02/14 21:36, Gavin Chester wrote:
>>> Anyone else struggling to feed their fix of iview to catch shows you've
>>> missed going to air?
>>> First, I know the background to this by having searched out (a while
>>> ago) the whole stupid flash issue and how we in linux-land are worst
>>> affected. Consequently, I have the pepper flash plugin installed and up
>>> to date and am forced to use it in the chrome browser.
>>> However, despite that I have two issues:
>>> 1/ the default chrome settings file seems to keep getting over-written
>>> and the necessary extra line of settings telling chrome to use pepper
>>> flash is disappearing at random intervals. This requires repeated
>>> editing of that default settings file; and
>>> 2/ Despite ensuring chrome is using the latest pepper flash (checked
>>> using "chrome:plugins") I have been unable to see any iview for a couple
>>> of weeks now (btw, sbs ondemand is fine as long as pepper is up to date).
>>> The iview message boards have nothing new related to my issue on the
>>> topic that I can see.
>>> Why oh why is iview being so belligerent on this issue? Surely if one
>>> were to use an outdated flash then it is at your own risk so why have a
>>> website bar you from its content?
>>> Is my recent frustration an isolated case?
>> Hi Gavin
>> I don't have a solution to your problem, but I do have a fully working
>> flash combination with Debian Wheezy (7.4), KDE 4.8.4, Iceweasel 24.3.0,
>> and shockwave Flash 11.2 r202. All these are 'standard issue' with the
>> Wheezy distribution. I have had issues in the past, but for the last few
>> months it 'just works' with iView, YouTube and pretty much anything else
>> I try to watch.
>> I've never heard of pepper, but from a quick search it seems to be a
>> non-free google flash replacement, so what's the advantage?
>> Steve
> Hi Steve,
> I don't know what wizardry you're using to get iview to work, but since
> it "just works" then maybe some higher force is acting on your behalf
> because it simply shouldn't with your setup according to the iview
> forums and others are full of people complaining about it!
> Flash 11.2 in firefox/konqueror/opera/etc is fine for ALL other sites
> except iview and sbs. For a while now, iview will not work on less than
> flash 11.7, reportedly, which was a deliberate decision by iview to
> limit it this way. Why? Can't find out why. But, to answer your
> question: why am I using pepper flash and chrome? Because flash
> development for linux stopped at 11.2 and will not continue. Google
> developed/brought in pepper flash that works only with chrome and it is
> the only flash for linux continuing under active development (btw: in
> case it's lost in the noise, sbs ondemand is similarly affected, but I
> can currently get that to work since it seems to be more forgiving?)
> FYI: the problem presents itself as the programs taking forever to load
> before reporting it's not available. That's solely due to your flash
> version according to everyone.

Reply to list this time :-)

That's definitely strange, now that I've read the blurb on the ABC 
website ( 
) which categorically says I need 11.7 or newer. There must be something 
in my setup which is allowing it to function - either I'm filtering 
something which disables the player, or somehow I have another player 
installed that I don't know about. I'll get back to you after I've done 
a bit of investigation.

Whatever magic is happening is also allowing SBS on Demand to work too, 
so if I can find out what it is it might help you.

check 1 - Right Click on Adobe Flash Player while playing SBS media 
shows, so it is definitely successfully with the 'wrong' 
player, and I can't see anything wrong with the quality or controls.

check 2 - I am running NoScript in Iceweasel with quite a lot of stuff 
blocked, but allowing all scripts on the page doesn't make any 
difference. Simply having it installed may make a difference, but I 
don't really want to uninstall it may copy and lose my setting just to 
test. If you don't have it, try installing it.

check 3 - I can't see how these would affect flash player either, but I 
have Adblock Plus 2.4.1 and DoNotTrackMe 3.1.1038 installed.

I'll post more if I find something that might be useful.


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