[plug] openstack, bridging and virtual network interfaces

Rowcliffe Browne rbkbrowne at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 02:14:33 UTC 2014

Openstack architecture expects you to set IP's for the underlying devices:

no matter - sorted this out yesterday... set eth0 to promiscuous mode and
rebooted, and it seems to have sorted it self out.

Realtek NIC still needs a forceful kick in the head to start working on
boot though.

also fixed controller NIC's to match Openstacks docs better:
eth0 (
eth0:1 (
br100 (configured by nova-network,
routing also now adds default gateway to br100...

Wish I could join you all for a few quiet friday arvo beers at LCA, but may
not go down so well with first week at work and all :)

thanks for your help Adam!


On 9 January 2014 13:34, Adam Ashley <plug at adamashley.name> wrote:

> Normally you'd bring an interface thats going to be part of a bridge up
> without an IP address, then add it to the bridge and assign an ip address
> to the bridge. Weird shit happens when you add an interface with an IP to a
> bridge.
> Try something like
> ifconfig eth0:1
> brctl addbr br100
> brctl addif br100 eth0:1
> ifconfig br100 <ip mess that I cant remember>
> Or come to LCA and ask all the openstack guys here directly :P
> Adam
> On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Rowcliffe Browne <rbkbrowne at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm new to the list, but have been recommended by a colleague that i post
>> my issue here incase any of you can help. I've been a linux user since the
>> mid 90's and administrating for the last 4-5 years or so.
>> my issue is with an Openstack (havana) install on Ubuntu 13.10 in the
>> following all-in-one configuration:
>> controller on eth0 (
>> compute on eth0:1 (
>> nova-network is set to create bridge br100 on eth0:1 for the VM's flat
>> network (
>> The problems i'm having so far are:
>> 1) on bootup, br100 seems to come up before eth0 is ready, and fails
>> 2) on bootup, eth0 (Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411) is in a failed state
>> (ifconfig shows no configured IP's) and requires module reinsertion (rmmod
>> r8169 ; modprobe r8169) before it starts working
>> 3) restarting nova-network after fixing eth0 breaks network connectivity
>> until i manually remove eth0:1 from the bridge (brctl delif br100 eth0:1)
>> and restart the networking service. Setting up the bridge on eth0 also
>> causes the same failure.
>> i'm not particularly concerned with #1 and #2 as they can possibly be
>> fixed with init ordering/dependencies, or at worst, rc.local hacks.
>> #3 is doing my head in, and unfortunately i havent played with bridging
>> enough to know what normal configuration / behaviour should be.
>> default routing is correct (default
>>   UG    0      0        0 eth0) and working.
>> so my questions to you linux/openstack guru's out there:
>> 1) can you bridge to a virtual interface? (google finds no similar
>> examples)
>> 2) nova-network is handling the configuration of br100, but it has no IP.
>> is this correct?
>> 3) do i need to add routing for br100, or will the default gateway setup
>> be enough?
>> i'm happy to provide config or output if it will help debug.
>> any input would be greatly appreciated!
>> cheers,
>> rowy.
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