[plug] Reminder - Nominations for PLUG Committee 2014 close within a week

Peter Lyons secretary at plug.org.au
Tue Jan 28 03:07:53 UTC 2014

We're still looking for nominations for the next PLUG Committee.

If you want to nominate for any of the positions, your nomination
will have to be in one (1) week before the PLUG AGM,
ie: before the end of February 4th 2014.

You can nominate for the positions of:
* Chair, who presides over club meetings
* Vice-Chair, who assists the chair and stands in if the chair is absent
* Treasurer, who looks after and reports on the club accounts
* Secretary, who keeps records and sends out messages like this one
* 3 x Ordinary Committee Member (OCM) who helps out the rest of the committee

These are only a "potted" summary of the Committee positions, exact
descriptions can be found in our Consitution at: http://www.plug.org.au/Constitution/Current

So, if you are interested in getting involved in running the club, please feel
free to nominate. But get them in before 4/2/2014 if you want to be sure
of running, as we can only take nominations from the floor of the AGM
if there is no-one nominated for the position

Peter Lyons
PLUG Secretary 2013

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