[plug] cloud providers of wiki services?

David Godfrey info at sbts.com.au
Wed Dec 30 08:41:44 UTC 2015

Hi Will,

Thanks for the pointer to foswiki, if we are going to host something
ourselves this looks like it's worth a close look.
Personally I don't mind MediaWiki, although others on the team are not
of the same mind :-)

Confluence, while it is a nice option for a small team,
doesn't really fit with the needs of an open source project that wants a
wiki for it's large userbase to use and contribute to.
ie: the licensing costs are prohibitive.

David G

On 30/12/15 14:47, Will Dowling wrote:
>> You hit the nail on the head with the lead dev not wanting to distract the team with managing another platform.
>> An Atlassian hosted instance of Confluence is the best option I could find as well.
> +1 to Confluence, hands down the best collaboration tool I’ve used.
> It’s worth keeping in mind that if you’re a NFP you can get a free license from Atlassian.
> The $10 licenses for up to 10 users (hosted or download) are all sent to charity.
> However once you go past 10 users it’s going to cost you… a lot.
> Having run Confluence and other Atlassian products standalone, I can attest to the frequent update cycle.
> This is generally bad if you’re looking for less distractions, but good for the product.
> Came across this the other week, looks like it might be worth a look:
> http://foswiki.org/
> Just don’t use MediaWiki.. it’s terrible.
> - Will
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