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Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 14:26:51 UTC 2015

I am interested in knowing how to export mail into an IMAP server like Cyrus? Apparently it uses a Derby DB, but I didn't see anything about importing mail into it.

     On Friday, March 13, 2015 3:13 PM, Brad Campbell <brad at fnarfbargle.com> wrote:

 On 13/03/15 18:53, Bernd Felsche wrote:

> First thing you should do is to EXport your emails into an IMAP
> server's store.  It saves a lot of headaches when moving from client
> to client. I've run a local Cyrus-IMAP since 1288 BC. It doesn't
> care if it's on the same host and keeps your emails client-agnostic.
> Any email client worth using supports IMAP. Enable the appropriate
> security for your network.

> Other swear by Courier IMAP. Do what fits your mind best.

I did precisely this back in 2011. After years of Opera, then 
Thunderbird in various incarnations I decided to install Courier IMAP 
and then just progressively feed it my archives. In 2012 I switched to 
Dovecot and I'm still using it..

Prior to running my own mail server I used fetchmail & procmail to sort 
the mail for me, now I just have Exim deliver through procmail.

Best move I ever made. It's now completely client agnostic. My mail is 
accessible on my PC, iPad & Blackberry and I can try and switch clients 
with gay abandon.

It's a little bit of a learning curve, but it's a path I wholeheartedly 

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