[plug] OT: Security Cameras and Open Source

Sam Wilson sam at samwilson.id.au
Sun Jul 17 14:15:28 AWST 2016

I worked with a few cheap IP cameras from Jaycar once upon a time. They 
cost about $90, and were just basically little RSTP servers with zero 
authentication. There was a proprietary IE-only interface, as Bill says, 
but I found that I could just ignore that and wrote a tiny script to 
wrap logrotate and vlc to record half-hour segments to disk. Worked 
flawlessly for years, and although the recording has since been 
discontinued, I think the cameras are still being peered at by some 
people (this was at a previous workplace; no idea what the current 
situation is).

So yeah, an FOSS solution is possible. Not sure I'd call it secure, on 
the network, but maybe that's okay.


On 17/07/16 12:42, Bill Kenworthy wrote:
> Hi,
>     I have had an IP camera for a few years and it worked well until 
> the UV filter jammed ruining the night vision.  Did catch an 
> inquisitive person "looking for a party he was told was here" falling 
> into our fishpond in the dark :)
> WiFi cameras work, but tie up very significant bandwidth if you try 
> external motion detection - I used "motion" at one time.
> Almost all require a windows IE browser addin with much of the 
> security turned off to work so you can set them up ... then they may 
> be partially usable in Linux :(  The ones I have all need a local 
> connection (i.e., wont accept a connection routed from another network 
> where I have Win VM's)
> Then a couple of win versions down the road you find yourself 
> maintaining old win VM's (XP in one case) for the purpose of 
> maintaining it :(
> I also have one with wifi and no night vision - waste of time.
> I also would really like to find one that just works with Linux ....
> BillK
> On 07/16/16 14:11, Daniel wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm getting uninvited guests trying car doors and windows so 
>> considering getting external security cameras with good night vision 
>> to record these events.
>> Much of the hardware and solutions seem proprietary and it may be 
>> that I haven't known enough to ask the right questions but I was put 
>> off some 'solutions'.
>> Does anyone know about Open Source solutions or have anyone to 
>> recommend please?
>> Many thanks
>> Daniel
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