[plug] Recommendation for IT support provider

ıuoʎ yonjah at gmail.com
Tue May 23 00:03:58 AWST 2017

Hi all.
A bit off topic but I assume some people here might personally know
good options in this area.

My child daycare is looking for someone to offer them IT support.
I'm tying to give them advice when ever I notice stuff might be off,
but they are a bit clueless
so I need someone who'll be able to offer them solutions they might
not even be aware of but won't take advantage by offering them
expensive junk they don't need ( I would imagine any decent IT person
would do that but there experience shows otherwise)

Competitive rates are of course preferred but I don't see them needing
too much support so I think as long as rates are reasonable that
shouldn't be a major issue.
They only have about 5 laptops (unfortunately all running windows).

Kind Regards,

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