[plug] 4G modem advice

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Wed Aug 8 10:19:11 AWST 2018

Hi Greg,

On 06/08/18 20:15, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Looking at it again, it would need a USB modem as well, to house the SIM 
> and actually make the connection. I'd rather avoid that complexity for 
> the user in question.
 > They've got WiFi already, so they could plug
 > it into that.

Just another data point for you: at home we are running one of those USB 
modem sticks plugged into a Xubuntu machine under our TV with the USB 
dongle interface shared by that machine (via network manager UI) over 
our existing WiFi router network.

I initially tried to plug it directly into our old router (which has a 
USB slot that I've used with 3g dongles in the past) but new dongles 
present to the system as a USB network device instead of a TTY modem and 
this confused the router to no end.

I also had to do some re-jigging to stop the router giving out DHCP 
addresses and let the shared/proxied-dongle do it instead.

Anyway, this setup works great.

Given that 4G is fast and the plan is competitive with our old naked 
ADSL plan (100Gb for $70 per month) this has enabled us to route around 
the NBN completely, much to my delight.

We're using the cheapest pre-paid Optus dongle - I think it was $39 from 
the post office. I'm pretty sure there are similar Telstra ones.




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