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Dave adogslife01 at optusnet.com.au
Sat Jul 31 07:50:18 AWST 2021

Come on Guys,


I thought PLUG was supposed to promote and encourage the use of LINUX within
the Perth area, which I would have assumed, I thought, at the very least,
just may have included, returning Emails.

Both my neighbour and myself have wives with disabilities and are petty-well
house bound and therefore can't attend PLUG meetings, so if any assistance
was to be forthcoming, it would most likely have to be in house.

Sorry to sound like I'm nagging,  but Windows is being an absolute pain in
the *&$R%(&^. and is starting to cost us money, and it would be a shame if
you guys lost a couple of converts.


Below is my original Email, dated the 23rd July


Once again I look forward to your reply.  


Dave Orson




Thanks for your reply.


Since my Email on the 16th, things have got a little worse.

The original enquiry was to ask for help in setting up a couple of programs
that would put one step ,closer to getting out of Windows altogether.

Those programs are,  OANDA FX Trade, World Enigma Groups ENIGMA Emulator,
and the World of Tanks game site.  All these have LINUX versions and  are
supposed to be plug and play.


That was the original question, THEN!!!!    I forgot the LINUX password to
access my LapTop. I had just completed an update and hadn't had time to
document it, then promptly forgot it.


The next thing was that I helped a neighbour install Linux Mint 19 Cinnermim
onto a replacement hard drive, He then promptly went and screwed up his
ThunderBird Mail.

My suggestion to him now, is to re-install Linux and start again.  He hasn't
been there long enough for him to have saved much, so I think this might be
the only way.


I am running Mint 19 Cinnermin Tessa.


My interest in Linux started back in the 1980's when my son joined the Navy
and got into UNIX. as a result of this I ran UNIX for quite a while until he
moved to Sydney and was no longer around to help out when I stuffed up.
After that my interest in UNIX, Linux has never left.  Now my main aim in
using Linux is to give Windows the flick.


I look forward to your reply



David C.N. Orson


Western Australia

0448 407 112



David C.N. Orson


Western Australia

0448 407 112


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